chapter  8
Health Communication: Insights for Quality Hospitality Bridging Healthcare (H2H) Delivery in Medical Tourism
WithAlicia M. Mason, Elizabeth Spencer
Pages 19

This chapter examines communication in the healthcare setting. Health communication is a very important tool that healthcare professionals need to practice correctly with their patients. The chapter presents new strategies for optimizing the quality of health communication associated with all aspects of the medical tourism process. Expectancy violations theory (EVT) offers a unique perspective which may be opposite to what one think. Communication accommodation theory (CAT) examines the variables of cultural appropriateness, relational appropriateness, and personal predispositions. In addition to the interpersonal communication between providers and patients, the communication efforts designed to internationally promote medical tourism have been examined using mass communication theories. Medical tourism provides unique challenges and opportunities for health providers, medical tourism facilitators, and healthcare organizations. Medical tourists differ in their degrees of health literacy and buyer personas both of which may impact their expectations and preferences when seeking medical care abroad.