chapter  9
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Influence of Acid Soil Stressors on Phytocenoses Formation

WithTatyana L. Egoshina, Lyudmila N. Shikhova, Eugene M. Lisitsyn

The Kirov region is located in the east of the European part of Russia in zone of Povolzh'e forests. Considerable extent of the region from the north on the south cause essential distinctions is soil-climatic conditions and natural landscapes in its territory that allows carrying out the analysis of interdependence of development of phytocenoses and chemical properties of soil. The raised acidity of soil has as a consequence increase of amount of aluminum and heavy metals available to plants. Acid podzolic and sod-podzolic soils of the region are characterized by low pH level, low capacity of absorption, fulvatic structure of humus, and washing water mode. One of the most harmful factors of such acid soils is large amount of exchangeable aluminum. The flora of agro-phytocenoses and forest phytocenoses on acid sod- podzolic soils has more boreal character rather than flora of phytocenoses on less acid gray forest soils.