chapter  1
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Coastal Groundwater Development: Challenges and Opportunities

WithLennox A. Gladden, Namsik S. Park

Depletion of water levels will enhance the stress on the availability of groundwater and its usage in the coastal regions. Several factors threaten coastal aquifers and in turn coastal groundwater resources. Some of these factors have existed for decades and with the expected continuous population growth due to economic opportunities in these coastal regions, the problems of these coastal aquifers will be further exacerbated. The Nile Delta is considered one of the river deltas most vulnerable to sea-level rise (SLR) in the world. Like other assessments, they also concluded that SLR is expected to impact large agricultural areas through either inundation or higher levels of salinity of groundwater. The high population densities in the respective coastal zones have brought about many economic benefits, income from tourism and food production and industrial and urban development. Humans' actions or inactions may impede groundwater flow and in turn cause complicated changes in the salt water and freshwater relationship in coastal aquifers.