chapter  12
9 Pages

A New Approach for Groundwater Modeling Based on Connections

WithB. Sivakumar, X. Han, F. M. Woldemeskel

Groundwater makes up more than a quarter of all available freshwater in the world, and it is also one of the purest forms of water on Earth. In many parts of the world, groundwater is the only viable source of water of safe quality, such as the quality required for drinking and household use. This chapter provides a brief description of the basic concept of a network with several methods employed. It presents details of the study area and groundwater level data used. The chapter explains the analysis of groundwater level data and the results. Regardless of the approach, an important idea in modeling groundwater flow and transport phenomena is to establish connections that generally exist in the dynamics of the underlying system, whether in space or time or space-time. The clustering coefficient values for each of the 125 wells and their comparison with each and every other well indeed provide useful information about individual connections in the network.