chapter  13
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Mathematical Modeling to Evolve Predevelopment Management Schemes: A Case Study in Boro River Valley, Okavango Delta, Botswana, Southern Africa

ByM. Thangarajan

Management schemes can be evolved, only if the groundwater potential is assessed in a more realistic manner. Mathematical modeling in conjunction with detailed field investigations has been proved to be a potential tool for this purpose. Evolving predevelopment management schemes still work out to be a better choice. The groundwater resource in the valley has been quantified through exploratory drilling, test pumping, long-term water level monitoring, and hydrochemical analysis of groundwater samples by the Department of Water Affairs, Government of Botswana. The Boro River valley is located in Okavango Delta, Botswana (Southern Africa). The Okavango River originates in the Angolan highlands reaches in northwestern Botswana and terminates as a huge inland delta, namely the Okavango Delta. The River Boro runs between delta perennial swamps and the Thamalakane River and drains the delta to Lake Ngami through River Thamalakane. Due to limited data and/or data gaps, some assumptions and estimates were made during the conceptualization of the Boro River valley system.