chapter  17
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Simulation of Flow and Transport in Fractured Rocks: An Approach for Practitioners

WithChristopher J. Neville, Vivek S. Bedekar

The abundant literature on the simulation of flow and transport in fractured rocks is full of important insights; however, what is conspicuously absent is guidance for applied groundwater modelers. This chapter presents a "textbook" treatment of an approach for the simplified simulation of solute transport in fractured rocks. The approach is directed specifically at practitioners charged with developing analyses that incorporate the transport processes of advection along the fractures and diffusion into the porous matrix blocks. Several comprehensive numerical simulation codes are available that are capable of representing coupled transport between a network of discrete fractures and porous blocks. In contrast to groundwater flow, the porous matrix may play a significant role with respect to solute transport. The analytical approach for transport along a set of discrete fractures separated by porous slabs is presented in J. A. Barker and E. A. Sudicky and E. O. Frind.