chapter  29
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Groundwater Resource Management Using GIS Tools

WithK. B. V. N. Phanindra

Population growth assisted by urbanization, climate change, disasters, and improper management has resulted in overexploitation and degradation of the resource in almost all parts of the world. Water resource management problems are primarily dominated by regional topography, geology, hydrology, economy, climate, regulations on water withdrawals/use, and implementation strategies. Groundwater has an important role in meeting the water requirements of agriculture, industrial, and domestic sectors of India. About 85% of India's rural domestic water requirements, 50% of urban water requirements, and more than 50% of irrigation requirements are being met from groundwater resources. Most of the hydrologic cycle components can be estimated, analyzed, and displayed in relation to their position on Earth's surface, thus making full use of geographical information systems (GIS) capabilities. A proper auditing, accounting, and management of groundwater databases on a real-time basis in a GIS environment are essential for use with hydrogeologists, groundwater modelers, and water managers in developing sustainable solution strategies.