chapter  31
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Impact of Climate Change on Groundwater

WithAvdhesh Tyagi, Nicholas Johnson, William Logan Dyer

Geological science has demonstrated continuous climate change throughout the history of Earth. Paleo-climates of the past allow the development of an analog of the probable future climate. Increased variability in precipitation will negatively impact natural recharge in general. Changes to any of the variables that have an effect on diffuse recharge may have an impact on the amounts of water entering aquifers. Based on the forecasts by V. S. Kovalevskii, in "Effect of climate changes on goundwater," there will be a regular and gradual growth of the air temperature increments from the south to the north. Around the world, the anticipated changes in climatic conditions will entail changes in the entire complex of hydrogeological conditions; in the water, heat, and salt balances of groundwater, as well as in the environment interconnected with groundwater. Taking into account the highest importance of hydrodynamic forecasts, it is practical to consider, first of all, the potential changes in groundwater resources.