chapter  8
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Significance of Dar Zarrouk Parameters in Groundwater Management and Aquifer Protection

WithD. C. Singhal

This chapter reviews the application of the concept of transverse resistance has been reviewed in the evaluation of hydraulic parameters of aquifers having groundwater with varying quality and anisotropy using field data of Ganga-Yamuna Interfluve in North India. Groundwater is an important resource for sustaining agriculture in India and many other parts of the world. The availability of noncontaminated groundwater requires the use of efficient methods for locating potential aquifers. The estimation of the Dar Zarrouk parameters can be meaningfully used in effective groundwater management and aquifer protection planning. The evaluation of hydraulic characteristics of aquifers often necessitates conducting pumping tests of prolonged duration on the drilled boreholes for pumping and observation purposes, which entail a huge requirement of funds. An attempt has also been made for assessing the protective capacity of the unconfined alluvial aquifer in Saharanpur town from the "total longitudinal conductance" of the unsaturated overburden.