chapter  7
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Radiation safety concerns associated with preparing the dosage, treating and releasing the patient, and managing radioactive waste

WithWilliam D. Erwin

Radioembolization, being a form of internal administration of radioactive material (RAM) in humans, necessarily has associated with it a number of patient, personnel, and general public-related

radiation safety concerns. Among these are patient absorbed dose prescription or radioactivity prescription (also referred to as dosage throughout this chapter) and associated calculations; radioactivity (heretofore abbreviated to activity) delivery to and preparation in the radiopharmacy (or hot lab); transport to interventional radiology (IR) and

infusion into the patient; handling of the radioactive waste and contamination from the procedure; internal radiation exposure of the patient; and external exposure from both the patient and the radioactive waste (Salem and urston, 2006; Gulec and Siegel, 2007; Dezarn et al., 2011). ese various radiation safety aspects of radioembolization are the subject of this chapter.