chapter  13
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Diagnostic reporting using postradioembolization imaging

WithYung Hsiang Kao

As described in Chapter 1, yttrium-90 (90Y) radioembolization is a point-source brachytherapy delivered by millions of radioactive microspheres permanently embedded within the target vascular territory and dispersed by intra-arterial injection. e aim of postradioembolization imaging is to verify the intended radiation plan. is consists of two components: rst to conrm technical success and second to assess the likelihood of clinical success or serious toxicity based on tissue absorbed doses. Postradioembolization imaging may be achieved either indirectly using bremsstrahlung single-photon emission computed tomography with integrated computed tomography (CT) (SPECT/CT) or directly by positron emission tomography with integrated CT (PET/CT) of minuscule positron emission.