chapter  5
30 Pages

Industrial Scale-Up Strategy and Manufacturing Technologies for Botanical Drug Products

WithRahul Maheshwari, Kaushik Kuche, Ashika Advankar, Namrata Soni, Piyoosh Sharma, Muktika Tekade, Rakesh Kumar Tekade

Commercial scale up manufacturing technology and strategy is pivotal in making Botanical Drug Product successful in referred disease. This chapter highlights likely chemical groups present in medical plants and what are respective isolation techniques to process convert in to final drug product. Newer isolation techniques like Supercritical and Subcritical Fluid Technology and their respective advantages are precisely discussed. Popular case studies of commercially successful phytochemicals have been enlisted for ready references. Instigation on integration of two or more techniques to isolate and assemble desired bioactive molecules and their characterization to have regulatory approval is a spotlight of this chapter.