chapter  22
Evaluation of traumatic brain injury following acute rehabilitation
ByMark J. Ashley
Pages 24

The field of traumatic brain injury (TBI) rehabilitation has changed considerably over last 45 years. In the early 1980s, a number of hospital- and nonhospital-based rehabilitation programs developed utilizing a variety of program models and concepts. The impact of managed care on TBI rehabilitation has been considerable as it has been in many areas of medicine. Inpatient rehabilitation hospital stays now may be moderated by pressure to discharge patients earlier, either to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) or home setting. Evaluation of a person with TBI, then, truly requires a great deal of investigation, time, and thoroughness. The Common Data Elements (CDEs) are currently primarily focused on acute medical treatment. The person's current medical status is a primary focus of the evaluation, especially in these days of shortened hospital length of stay (LOS). Investigation of occupational and physical therapy status should begin with a review of the patient's treatment history and discussion with any currently involved professionals in these disciplines.