chapter  5
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Genomic Perspective of Marine Plants with Special Reference to Seagrasses

ByE. Dilipan, E.P. Nobi, and T. Thangaradjou

Marine plants are generally considered to be of two types: marine algae (seaweed) and marine angiosperms (seagrasses). These seagrasses constitute about 0.01% of over 3 lakh owering plants. Though few in numbers, these monocots form extensive meadow in tropical and temperate seas. Seagrass research gained momentum only in the last two decades and mostly in the aspects of taxonomy, ecology, nutrient requirements, secondary metabolites, oral-faunal assemblages, etc. But all these knowledge parallel exposed taxonomy uncertainties in seagrass molecular taxonomy and evolutionary aspects. The uncertainty invited to focus on genomic outlook of seagrasses in this chapter is based on reports from various parts of the world. This chapter on genomic perspective of seagrass is extensive and includes the topics on distribution, taxonomic uncertainty of seagrasses, genetic diversity, and species diversity.