chapter  11
20 Pages

In Situ Structural Health Monitoring Systems for Aerospace Structures

Recent Developments
WithRatneshwar (Ratan) Jha, Rani Warsi Sullivan, Ramadas Chennamsetti

This chapter focuses on structural health monitoring (SHM) systems using piezoelectric and optical fiber sensors only because they seem to be the most suitable sensing options. It provides an overview of the implementation of fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors for large-scale aerospace structures and applications. Aerospace structures are subjected to high-design loads under complex operational and environmental conditions as well as discrete damaging loads such as impacts. A SHM system capable of performing diagnostics efficiently between major scheduled inspections and/or on demand during flight would lead to a paradigm shift for maintaining aerospace vehicle safety. The small size and mass of FBGs make these sensors prime candidates for SHM applications in the aerospace industry. The monitoring of structural performance is increasingly gaining importance for many applications, particularly in the aerospace industry. Successful development and implementation of SHM technologies in aerospace vehicles involve several stakeholders such as manufacturers, academia, equipment suppliers, regulatory agencies, and airlines.