chapter  16
Clustering Biological Data
ByChandan K. Reddy, Mohammad Al Hasan, Mohammed J. Zaki
Pages 34

With the advancement of recent technologies, a vast amount of biological data is being generated. As data banks increase their size, one of the current challenges in biology is to be able to infer some of the critical functions from such complex data. To analyze complex biological systems, researchers usually aim to identify some patterns that co-occur in the form of groups. Clustering analysis is an exploratory technique that discovers rich patterns from vast data, and hence, it has become an indispensable tool for various knowledge discovery tasks in the field of computational biology. Clustering is a powerful and widely used technique that organizes and elucidates the structure of biological data. Clustering data from a wide variety of biological experiments has proven to be immensely useful at deriving a variety of insights, such as the shared regulation or function of genes.