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Mechanical performance of compressed earth block masonry using granitic residual soils

WithD.V. Oliveira, T.F. Miranda, L.F. Ramos, R.A. Silva, E. Soares, D. Leitão

This chapter discusses the results of an experimental campaign carried out at university of Minho on the characterization of masonry components made of stabilized compressed earth blocks, produced with granitic residual soils, typically from Northern Portugal, and considering both dry-stack and mortared joints. Earth has been used as building material since immemorial times with such an intensity that architecture in many ancient cultures was closely linked to this material. Masonry built with compressed earth blocks (CEB) is one of the most significant improvements in the earth construction technology. The main material used to manufacture the CEBs consisted in granitic residual soil quarried close to the University of Minho, Guimaraes. The suitability of the soil for producing CEBs was first assessed by means of soil characterization in terms of particle size distribution consistency limits and standard Proctor.