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A review of research and experimental findings on the effects of hydrated (air) lime addition to cement-based masonry mortars on the properties of the mortars and associated masonry

WithA.S. Smith, R. Givens

The combined use of lime with cement in mortars has been commonplace for over 100 years. Mortar formulations have developed over time and it became common practise in the last century to combine air lime and cement. Hydrated lime and quicklime, including dolimes, for construction and civil engineering applications are SDecifled within the European standard EN 459-1. For the producer, lime additions can reduce the amount of chemical admixtures required to provide the workability and air entrain- ment properties. Hendrickx et al showed that addition of hydrated lime provides a more robust mortar with good water retention properties, and thus mitigates some of the issues resulting from the early loss of water from the mortar after laying. In terms of mechanical stress, Arandigoyen et al confirmed that the addition of hydrated lime to cement based mortars results in mortars that are able to withstand a higher degree of deformation before failure.