chapter  41
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The performance investigation of three glass cover solar stills using different basin absorbents

WithKhamaruzaman Wan Yusof, Ali Riahi, Nasiman Sapari, Mohamed Hasnain Isa, Noor Atieya Munni Zahari, Emmanuel Olisa, Khouna Mohamed Khouna, Balbir Singh Mahinder Singh

Solar stills are used to produce drinking water as low cost technologies. This work aims at investigating the productivity of three passive double sloped solar stills fabricated with similar shapes and glass cover materials, but having different basin materials of stainless steel (CSS), black paint (SBP) and black soil (SBS), respectively. Each solar still had triangular slope cover, with dimensions; length = 60 cm and width = 50 cm. All had bottom basin with dimensions, length = 50 cm, depth = 8 cm and width = 30 cm. Experimental outputs indicated that SBP had 22.88% and 72.61% higher yield than SBS and CSS throughout the experiment. The solar stills utilized in this work can be used to produce potable water in the areas having lack of fresh water accessibility.