chapter  49
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Application of integrated bioreactor system (i-SGBR) for simultaneous treatment of wastewater and excess sludge degradation

WithS.R.M. Kutty, N. Aminu, M.H. Isa, I.U. Salihi

An integrated suspended growth bioreactor system (i-SGBR) was designed to treat wastewater. It has anoxic chamber (ANX-C) (40 L) for denitrification, extended aeration chamber (EA-C) (125 L) for combined carbon removal and nitrification, aerobic digester chamber (AD-C) (75 L) sub-system to degrade sludge, and clarifier chamber (CLR) (100 L) to settle the biomass. Evaluation of the treatment performance for organics (chemical oxygen demand, COD), total suspended solids (TSS), and total nitrogen (TN) between the system COD volumetric loading operated between 0.6–0.9 kgCOD/m3. d, resulted in an average effluent COD, total nitrogen (TN), and TSS of 41 mg/L, 14 mg/L and 21 mg/L, respectively. The corresponding average influent concentrations for COD, TN and TSS were 1,019 mg/L, 84 mg/L and 504 mg/L, respectively. The AD could achieve 12% daily mixed liquor volatile solids (MLVSS) reduction. The average daily sludge wasting (Q w) based on MLSS was 1.07 L/d.