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Design of the man–machine interface for the operating system of two-for-one twister

ByQ. Shen, Y.-B. Ni & Q.-H. Zhou

Nowadays, as a realization of a twist yarn twisting two-revolution textile equipment, two-for-one twisters also need a large amount of labor. Recently, foreign two-for-one twister mechatronics equipment has been developed with high degree of automation, which initially produced modularization and intelligence [1]. The study of domestic two-for-one twister has a late start, simple interface, single function, and poor expandability, and some devices are even still using the traditional physical key. With the development of science and technology, intelligent twister will become a mainstream trend. On the basis of the relationship between twister operating system interface and user psychology, behaviors, needs, we conducted a research on textile workers, students and related professional textile design students; analyzed the user habits, order of operations, cognitive mode, and degree of comfort and satisfaction; obtained user needs, goals, expectations, preferences, and so on; analyzed the positioning of the operation interface; and designed a two-for-one twister interactive interface to meet the needs of users. Finally, through the eye tracker device, we tested and analyzed the feasibility of the design.