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A comprehensive information system for landslide monitoring based on a three-dimensional geographic information system

ByM.-W. Xie, Y.-C. Jia, F.-X. Lv & S.-X. Chang

System (GPS) with Corner Reflector Interferometric SAR (CR-InSAR) techniques.

The studies mentioned above include all levels of fill and expansion of 3D visualization of the landslide and landslide monitoring. However, they have the following deficiencies: The monitoring system cannot keep pace with the times and does not have a unified platform to support GIS, 3D virtual reality, network, SAR, and 3D laser technology; The data management based on the relational data organization cannot adapt to the development requirements of landslide safety monitoring. For landslide monitoring, both the engineering geological conditions and the monitoring data should be considered. Because both are spatial data, data management based on a relational database for management, query, analysis, and processing spatial data appeared to be inadequate (Jia et al., 2012; Qiu et al., 2011). It cannot reflect the characteristics of the measuring point and the surroundings and will not be able to perform the visual query and analysis in the monitoring physical space; Fewer network-based landslide monitoring systems can meet the needs of the growing landslide monitoring work.