chapter  13
26 Pages

Management Quality in the AHPs Evaluation Matrix

ByRobert Jones, Fiona Jenkins

This chapter describes management quality matrix which have designed for the purpose of evaluating a wide range of performance parameters. The Matrix was developed in the context of management quality and strategy drawing on a range of concepts such as performance management, 'Lean', Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard, 'Dashboards', total quality management and Benefits Realisation. The Matrix enables allied health professions managers not simply to engage in 'box ticking' exercises, but rather to measure using metrics indicative of progress towards value and responsiveness for patients. Business performance management (BPM) consist a set of management and analytical processes supported by information management and technology and paper systems that enables services to define strategic goals and then measure and manage performance. Core BPM processes include: clinical activity and financial performance; operational planning; reporting; modelling; monitoring of key performance indicators; clinical governance; and human resources. BPM involves consolidation of data from various sources, analysis of the data and putting the learning into practice.