chapter  15
19 Pages

Project management for AHPs with real jobs

WithJanice E Mueller, Ian S Rowe

This chapter provides an introduction to project management for allied health professions (AHPs) outlining the core processes, language and methodology and uses a recognised change management process to explain projects in a logical way, reinforcing these steps with real-life project examples from New Zealand healthcare settings. Allied health quality improvement project was complex in that it involved multiple disciplines and teams across the organisation that needed to agree on common policy, processes, recommended guidelines and training requirements. AHPs need to learn the language and discipline of project management, they are already good at team working, particularly inter-professional teams. AHPs understand how to make teams work and are problem solvers and very solution focused, which can contribute to achieving project goals. With larger projects communication needs to be more structured to ensure all stakeholders and shareholders receive the right information and can contribute to the project as required.