chapter  17
17 Pages

Effective report writing

WithJulie Shepherd, Natalie Beswetherick

This chapter discusses why reports are important management 'tools' to aid achievement of service objectives, ensuring written reports are of high quality raising the profile of the service within the organisation. Reports need to be evidence-based and present to the reader the desired outcome, what actions need to be taken, or the desired 'direction of travel'. The chapter outlines the process of planning and compiling a report. The process of planning, executing and evaluating projects saves time and effort in the longer term. Good communication in a well written report facilitates decision-making and often leads to success. The chapter also presents an example of a service review report highlighting the parameters to include. As a key part of service improvement, good report writing needs to be embedded in the culture of services. When the report includes proposals or recommendations, which have funding implications, presentation of financial information and analysis must be included.