chapter  18
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Demonstrating worth: marketing and impact measurement – self-referral

WithLesley Holdsworth

This chapter explores some of the key concepts that determine the success of Allied Health Professions (AHPs) services particularly in relation to marketing, the 'selling' of the service and, measuring impact demonstrating worth. Marketing or selling services successfully requires underpinning with local intelligence which involves gathering key information about the population and one's service. The chapter describes the experience gained over 20 years of service development and the experience of introducing and evaluating the efficacy of patient self-referral to physiotherapy. Service development requires change and strong leadership. Patient self-referral requires AHPs to reflect and evaluate their practice critically and identify learning needs throughout the process. Making 'critical friends' is important during the vital planning stage, it is essential to find out what others think about the concept of introducing the change to the service. When introducing change in services to a section of the population, ensure that publicity is tailored to avoid confusion.