chapter  19
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Improving access to services: a practical approach to understanding demand and capacity to support service re-design

WithZak Arif, Elizabeth Roberts

This chapter provides an insight into practical approaches which can help improve access and performance, without being a definitive 'how to' guide. It describes helpful tips for consideration when embarking on local re-design initiatives. The chapter provides the examples that relate largely to the allied health professions (AHP) services the information and approach suggested can also be used or modified for other services. The workshop may commence by reviewing service achievements before moving on to explore the more difficult areas. There are numerous reasons why services experience capacity gaps leading to problems in meeting demand for services. Services need to address the systems and processes which create interruptions or delays to improve patient flow. AHP services need to take a proactive approach to the way referrals are received and processed by their service to minimise the impact of unnecessary or incomplete referrals on patients and service delivery.