chapter  4
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Striking the agreement: business case and service level agreements

ByRobert Jones, Fiona Jenkins

This chapter provides guidance on developing effective business cases and service level agreements for Allied Health Professions with the object of 'winning and marshalling' business, and having clear effective agreements resulting in the provision of quality services which achieve identified and agreed outcomes. Different organisations have different templates for business planning and service level agreements. They both require up to date, relevant, accurate information which needs to be thoroughly researched. All the salient points must be included in order to 'hit the spot'. The chapter argues that there are many possible formats for putting together business cases. Important 'building blocks' include, finance, activity analysis, marketing, project management, information, commissioning, management quality and others all of which are relevant and form the foundation of successful business cases. Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Scorecards are a valuable resource for any data or intelligence which may help with projects and business case submissions.