chapter  5
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Thriving in the cash strapped organisation

WithRosalie A Boyce

This chapter focuses on the art of acquiring resources, particularly in the 'cash strapped' publicly funded healthcare sector. Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) make valuable contributions to the health of their patients, clients and communities as expert clinicians. In competitive resource allocation environments, it becomes very important that the AHPs use strategic thinking approaches and controlled risk-taking to redress the difficulties that arise from their often 'inferior' relative organisational position in the hierarchy of professions. Health systems typically evolve more sophisticated financial management and control arrangements as the political need to demonstrate value from the allocated resources increases. Proficiency in the basic techniques of finance management, service costing, budgeting, cash flow and business case development are also important in the quest for greater resources. Success in resource acquisition, particularly when moving beyond traditional funding sources requires a complimentary mix of style and substance.