chapter  6
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Information is power: measure it, manage it

ByRobert Jones, Fiona Jenkins

In a rapidly developing technological age, information systems within healthcare are evolving. Information systems, their development and management are complicated areas of work reflecting the complexities of healthcare provision. There are many possible approaches to the development and use of computerised systems for the Allied Health Professions (AHP). Computers were first used in medical records departments for the Hospital Activity Analysis, which summarised selected basic information held in medical records on, admission and discharge. Information management and technology is crucial in an ever increasing business-minded National Health Service in which the clinical requirements for data and information systems support are paramount. When considering which computerised systems might be suitable for AHP services or contributing to development and specification the principles. The AHP input to patient care is wide-ranging and complex and differs from other services. AHPs need powerful computerised information systems capable of bringing together managerial and clinical information.