chapter  2
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Working mother

ByCathy Wield, Keith Matthews, Chris Thompson

In some ways it was a relief to be back in England’s temperate climate when we returned in March 1989. We had lived without air-conditioning in the Bangkok apartment. Southampton seemed so quiet and peaceful in comparison. Rebecca and Simon started at school and we settled into our new home. It did not need renovating, but it was very small. We joined Southampton Community Church and made new friends. This church did not belong to any denominational group but arose out of what is termed the ‘house church’ movement. It was large, had a membership in the hundreds, was active and enthusiastic about faith in Christ. This was good for both of us. Neither of us are particularly ‘religious’ and we enjoyed the freedom of expression and openness. We would find it difficult to align ourselves with groups who express intolerance or religious bigotry – here the Christians seemed to be showing love and concern towards anyone whatever their circumstances might be.