chapter  26
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Future considerations

ByCathy Wield, Keith Matthews, Chris Thompson

I was encouraged by Dr Baldwin to keep the appointment with Joyce for CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). I was refusing most of their suggestions and felt a certain obligation to ‘co-operate’. I had turned down input from an occupational therapist as I felt I didn’t need one, neither did I want any assistance from social services. I was also reluctant to continue taking the antidepressants. I discussed going to CBT with my GP and he advised me to go to see her, if only to tell her what had happened. I certainly had not felt that I had clicked with this lady in the couple of sessions before the operation and so it was with some reluctance that I attended the first appointment. I entered her office and sat down with my – by now normal -smiling face. Joyce was to me the archetypal psychotherapist. She was late middle-aged, wore long skirts, had her long hair in a bun and had dangly earrings. She asked me how I was and I replied Very well, thank you!’ She looked puzzled if not a little perturbed. She then went through the routine of trying to tease out any residual depressive symptoms but I denied any of these. She looked very thoughtful and finally admitted that she had never seen anyone after neurosurgery and wasn’t quite sure of what she should be doing with me. In addition she was not sure that there was any therapy for someone with no symptoms. I found this answer simply delightful! She asked me for more detail of what exactly had happened, but it did not give her any further clues. I could tell that I was presenting her with a dilemma. Finally she decided to talk about how I dealt with normal, everyday experiences which had a negative aspect to them. She decided that she would like me to think about this and do a diary for the next meeting in two weeks. I was to write down any negative experience and how I dealt with it. I agreed to do this but felt very uneasy. Joyce was quite a dominating lady and I felt a little intimidated by her.