chapter  27
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A taste of the past

ByCathy Wield, Keith Matthews, Chris Thompson

Being an observer in A&E was just what I needed to feed my enthusiasm to get back to work. On my second day there, it was characteristically very busy. One of the SHOs was looking very hassled and my instinct was always to ‘help out’ even if it meant mundane tasks such as filling out x-ray request forms. She had another idea. There was a paramedic who was in the department to acquire skills in putting up intravenous lines. Claire asked me to help him. Before I had time to say that I had not actually done so myself for quite a while, she was gone. I decided that I could at least watch him. It turned out that he was extremely nervous and was visibly trembling. Not surprisingly, the attempt was a failure and he asked me to take over. I did so and without any problem sited the line. He looked at me with admiration, the patient looked at me with gratefulness. This was so good for my confidence and self-esteem. I was not just about to admit that it was my first time in over seven years!