chapter  5
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Politics and Money as Change- Agents in Forensic Systems

ByPaul DiLeo and Larry Davidson

Recent changes in the ways in which behavioral health care for the general public is funded, delivered, and evaluated in the U.S. are increasingly infl uencing care for forensic populations as well. Th ese changes, as evidenced in other chapters in this volume, primarily involve shift ing the locus of care from the hospital or other institutional settings to the community, shift ing the focus of care from symptom reduction and maintenance to recovery and social inclusion, and shift ing the costs of care from state general funds, augmented by federal block grants, to Medicaid as it expands signifi cantly under the Aff ordable Care Act. Th is chapter deals with the roles political agendas and funding streams play in these shift s, especially in relation to the forensic systems that are being developed in local communities to off er persons with behavioral health conditions the opportunities, resources, and supports they need in order to take advantage of the “second chance” our society is beginning to off er them to reclaim their citizenship.