chapter  6
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Recent Developments in Forensic Psychiatry Ethics

ByPhilip J. Candilis, Richard Martinez

Th is chapter frames the progression of ethics from clinical practice to forensic work on individuals, families, community, and society. Forensic psychiatry works at the interface of law and m edicine, involves unique problems of boundaries and dual agency in the professional-client relationship, and presents uncertainties and confl icting opinions about its accountability to society. Consequently, legal issues, the range of stakeholders, and the impact of psychiatric medicine on individual autonomy and public safety pose complex challenges for forensic professionals. Th ese require alertness to boundaries and a more robust and dynamic professional ethics. Th is chapter tracks the recent developments of ethics in forensic psychiatry, from the emphasis on truth-telling and respect for persons to compassion and dignity, to the cultural formulation and context of forensic evaluations. It off ers a unifying concept of professionalism and professional identity.