chapter  15
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Positive Behavioral Supports for Managing Violence Risk in the Inpatient Forensic Setting

ByTracey Sondik

Violence and aggression in an inpatient forensic setting are relatively common behaviors that threaten the safety and well-being of patients and staff who care for them. Data suggest that most psychiatric staff , including nurses, psychiatrists, and direct care mental health workers, have been assaulted by a patient or verbally threatened at least once in their career. Violence has a number of signifi cant negative consequences including posttraumatic stress response in injured staff , staff burnout and turnover, lost wages, fi nancial costs to institutions due to loss of time from work by staff , and decreased eff ectiveness of treatment (Hallet, Huber, and Dickens 2014; Antonius et al. 2010; Pragnell 2009; Morrison and Love 2003; McCann and Ball 2000).