chapter  10.3
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MeRes100TM—A sirolimus eluting bioresorbable vascular scaffold system

WithAshok Seth, Babu Ezhumalai, Sanjeev Bhatt, Pratik Vasani

The MeRes100-Sirolimus Eluting Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold System is an investigational device, which is undergoing first-in-human clinical trials in India. It has a novel scaffold architecture, low strut thickness, low profile delivery system, high radial strength, high flexibility and deliverability, improved radiopacity, convenient side branch access, multiple length and size matrix, and conventional storage methods. The MeRes100-Sirolimus Eluting bioresorbable scaffolds (BRSs) comprises balloon expandable BRSs, a topcoat and a rapid exchange PTCA balloon catheter. MeRes100 side branch accessibility tests demonstrate that the struts withstand the balloon expansion pressures without any link fractures or trauma to surrounding cells and the remaining structures. Development of MeRes100 from India would also help to lower the cost of BRSs, which is a limitation for its widespread use not just in emerging countries but also in the developed world.