chapter  121
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Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorder in Prisons

WithBasant K. Puri

Western countries; corresponding forest plots are shown in Figures 121.2, 121.3, and 121.45

The figures for alcohol abuse/dependence and drug abuse/dependence are based on a systematic review published in 2006 by Fazel, Bains, and Doll of data from 13 studies relating to 7,563 prisoners on reception into prison (see Figure 121.5)6

The figures for intellectual disability are based on a systematic review published in 2008 by Fazel, Xenitidis, and Powell of data from 10 surveys from 4 countries relating to 11,969 prisoners (see Table 121.2)7

Finally, the PTSD figures are derived from a systematic review by Goff and colleagues of data from 4 studies from 4 countries relating to 1,783 prisoners (see Table 121.3)8

It can be seen from Table 121.1 that the prevalence rates of psychosis, depression, any personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, alcohol abuse/dependence, drug abuse/dependence, and PTSD are higher in prisoners than in the general population.