chapter  38
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Road Rage

WithChristine M. Wickens, Robert E. Mann, Jennifer Butters, Reginald G. Smart, Gina Stoduto

Descriptions of aggression and violence resulting from disputes over roadways date back at least to the story of Oedipus, who killed his father in an argument over rightof-way.1 Road rage is a term that has been generally applied to the direction of aggression toward other road users, ranging from relatively minor expressions of frustration and aggression to physical assault causing serious injury or death.2 In this chapter the term is used for the more extreme forms of driver aggression that involve “assaultive behaviour with the intent of bodily harm and possible homicide.”3 However, underlying these more extreme forms of road rage is a continuum of severity that includes less violent acts.2,4,5 In this chapter, the epidemiology of road rage is described, followed by an overview of the association of road rage with psychiatric conditions, and concludes with a consideration of evidence on the prevention of road rage and measures proposed to treat those who display this condition.