chapter  19
Occupational therapy in dementia care
ByAlissa Westphal
Pages 9

Occupational therapy (OT) is concerned with maximizing a person’s engagement in meaningful and required occupations and roles. e profession is built on the philosophical foundation that engaging in meaningful and purposeful occupations and roles is essential for maintaining health and well-being (American Occupational erapy Association [AOTA], 2008). e OT clinical model of practice recognizes occupational functioning as arising from a systemic and dynamic relationship between the person, the physical, social and cultural environment and the occupation (Law et al., 1996). is relationship between the person, environment and occupation is oen disrupted by physical and psychiatric conditions. Occupational therapists (OTs) use rehabilitative and adaptive approaches to address these occupational performance issues and maximize functioning (Fisher, 2006a; Hopkins and Smith, 1993).