chapter  40
The pharmaceutical industry and dementia: How can clinicians, researchers and industry work together for the betterment of people with dementia and their families? Continuous vigilance and transparency is the answer
ByMartin M. Bednar, Leon Flicker
Pages 7

Another aspect is the question of innovation versus incremental improvement of a medicine or class of medicines – e.g. pharmacokinetics, route of delivery, safety and ecacy advantages within this class of therapeutics. Is each of these characteristics truly driving innovation and providing enhanced value for the patient or are they simply strategies used by the pharmaceutical industry to maintain

patent protection, market share and revenue? us, there may be a key conict in the academia-pharma relationship: on one hand, pharma’s advancement of applied science to create and market new medicines that also create shareholder value versus academia’s pursuit of advancements in basic and clinical science as well as the duciary responsibility of the healthcare professional to do what is in the best interest of the patient.