chapter  11
Malignant Skull Base Tumors
ByTumors Caitlin McLean, Pete S. Batra
Pages 24

Malignant neoplasms of the sinonasal tract are uncommon tumors of the head and neck region accounting for approximately 5% of upper respiratory tract malignancies. Presenting symptoms are often similar to those associated with paranasal sinus inflammatory disease, and thus, early diagnosis requires a high index of clinical suspicion. Key distinguishing features, including the relative age of the patient (<50 years old for inflammatory disease vs. >50  years old for sinonasal malignancy), insidious onset of unilateral symptoms, and lack of prior history of sinus disease, should raise concern for underlying malignancy. This is further compounded by the advanced stage at presentation given the nonspecific nature of the presenting symptomatology.1