chapter  4
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Access knowledge from the field and the floor

ByTodd Conklin

The presence of lift vehicles from both receiving and the plant floor is how the plant keeps production flowing, and the bathrooms and break room have been located in that part of the factory for almost 100 years. The plant manager apologized for the environment that management had given him to do his job. He had a very significant emotional and operational event. That driver is a safety lead for fork truck operations in this plant. He is smart, wise and concerned and involved in the safe operation of fork trucks plant wide. He was not fired; he was engaged and motivated to lead his peers in being world class in the movement of equipment, parts, and supplies to his plant. The plant moves better, and receiving, once a giant bottleneck for the production, is fast, clean, and just in time. The problems were worker- discovered and the solutions were work-owned. These workers are engaged in finding operational complexities.