chapter  2
Danish cannabis policy in practice: the closing of ‘Pusher Street’ and the cannabis market in Copenhagen
WithVibeke Asmussen
Pages 14

This chapter outlines the drug-related legal changes that have been made in Denmark, and describes how their implementation supports the government’s more repressive drug policy. It analyses of how Pusher Street was closed and kept closed, how cannabis dealing was then dispersed across Copenhagen, and how two methods of dealing in particular were brought to public attention by the newspapers. The chapter discusses the closing of ‘Pusher Street’, one of the most well-known places for buying cannabis in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The description and analysis of the situation is based on newspaper articles from three national Danish newspapers from March 2004 to April 2005, the year after Pusher Street was closed. Christiania was founded in 1971, when the government closed barracks located on around 34 hectares of land, and the old military area was almost immediately occupied by young squatters.