chapter  13
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Women Prisoners and Health Justice: Challenges and Recommendations

ByAnastasia Fisher, Diane Hatton, Jane Dorotik

This chapter presents some closing thoughts on concepts discussed in this book. The book focuses on issues of relevance to the health of women prisoners in four countries using a multinational approach with contributors of varying viewpoints. Advocates, criminologists, prisoners, nurses, and sociologists from Australia, Canada, the UK and US analyze the impact of imprisonment on the physical, mental, and social health of women and their families. In recognizing the unprecedented increase in the number of women prisoners in these four countries, the book acknowledges the devastating impact of women's imprisonment not only on their well-being but also on their communities, families, and particularly their children. By taking a health justice perspective, it argues that health for all people is a possibility that requires societies around the world to address inequities, discrimination, and the paralyzing effects of poverty. The book concludes with specific recommendations for actions aimed at improving the health and lives of women prisoners, their families, and communities.