chapter  10
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Ascension: Our Advanced Analytics Journey

WithTony Byram

Ascension is a faith-based healthcare organization dedicated to transformation through innovation across the continuum of care. In 2000, an inventory found that Ascension had over 6,000 applications implemented across the system. In 2016, the number of applications in use at Ascension was closer to 4,000. When the Ascension system office wanted to analyze key complex components of the operation, data requests would have to be sent to the local hospitals and health systems to pull the data from their various information technology systems. Ascension remains on the advanced analytics journey to bring better-quality, safer, more cost-effective, person-centered care. Ascension’s advanced analytics strategy began the journey from an Analytics 1.0 capability to 2.0 and is proceeding to 3.0. Analytics dashboards were built for key areas across the enterprise in human resources, finance, supply chain, and more. Ascension had known for many years that it needed a more robust data and analytics approach.