chapter  11
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University of Texas MD Anderson: Streaming Analytics

WithJohn Frenzel

MD Anderson installed the epic electronic health records (EHR). Epic is an enterprise application that brings together patient data into a single comprehensive record. The EHR is the focus of activity for clinical healthcare providers. Personalized healthcare continues to be a rallying point that promises lower cost of care and improved outcomes for the patient. By leveraging analytics, the EHR is set to become a partner in care for both the provider and the patient, as the data for each patient can be evaluated within the context of a much larger population, augmented with the insights gained to benefit society. Advanced analytics coupled with digital electronic records hold the promise to identify and intervene in the clinical trajectory of the patient to potentially reduce suffering and cost of care and extend life. Enterprise-grade EHRs have been much more broadly deployed, and within their data structures resides an extremely comprehensive longitudinal record of the patient.