chapter  13
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CIAPM: California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine

Initial Demonstration Projects and New Demonstration Projects
WithElizabeth Baca

A powerful theme emerged through the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine (CIAPM) outreach process: for precision medicine to succeed, it would require a high level of collaboration, beyond the normal scope of partnership typical of academic projects. CIAPM has seen interest across sectors to engage with each other. The California Kids Cancer Comparison (CKCC) project uses large-scale bioinformatics to find new potential treatment leads for children with cancer in California who fail to respond to standard therapies. CKCC places the genetic analysis of the tumor cell in the context of thousands of pediatric and adult tumors that have undergone a similar analysis. Although much of the conversation around precision medicine has been focused on the integration of genomic data, it is important to recognize that genomic data is one of many types of data relevant to personal and population health.