chapter  3
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Big Data—How to Get Started

WithJohn Frenzel

This chapter focuses on the organizational and people aspect of the big-data challenge, there are obviously technical obstacles to overcome as well. Institutions embark on big-data journeys for many reasons. For some, it is a continuation of a successful “little data” Analytics 1.0 effort. Leveraging existing domain maturity as a component in the selection of the big-data use case can help reduce risk and improve time to delivery. Big data initiatives can be daunting but are absolutely amenable to the tenets of good project management. The role of little data and big data strategically and the institution’s resource commitment will ultimately determine the scale and capabilities of the analytics environment. Data warehousing has always been difficult, because leaders within an organization want to approach warehousing and analytics as just another technology or application buy. Many organizations continue to approach warehousing as just another application, and therein lies the root of failure.