chapter  4
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Big Data—Challenges

WithJohn Frenzel

The hallmark of a successful analytics strategy ultimately is one that results in sustainable data delivery, as this demonstrates value to the enterprise and alignment of critical resources. Sustainable institutional analytics competency delivers data in an agile manner from a platform that minimizes rework, rediscovery, and churn. Creating a data governance model requires buy-in from stakeholders across an organization, and building the case for this is time consuming. Effective data governance is a foundational element for sustained success. In a mature Analytics 1.0 environment, analytics data should be clean, well understood, and trusted. Building a strategy implies synthesis, and with synthesis of purpose follows efficacy and agility. Stewardship is a core component of data governance. Organizations have numerous sources of data, and as they are brought together, they gain increased value when seen in the context of other information.